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Bono Demotivational Poster

Scottish Dudes -

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Nonsense - March 26, 2009, 8:32 am
So, Irish people can't hold concerts in Scotland now?
Rob - February 24, 2009, 10:57 pm
Erm... Bono is Irish
Me - February 7, 2009, 2:07 pm
haha that was too damn funny best one yet!
Nobody - October 25, 2008, 1:52 pm
Fucking yes! Total win!!
^_^u - July 11, 2008, 7:39 pm
I got a tear from that one... oh the laughs... ow... the pain... wow...
David Kapp - June 21, 2008, 9:53 am
Eric D. - June 20, 2008, 5:10 pm
i won't ruin everyone's fun by saying it didn't happen... ooohhhhh oops.
Orsis - May 29, 2008, 1:05 pm
Nice - May 28, 2008, 1:21 am
I have to admit, this one made me laugh.
Morgan - May 27, 2008, 8:47 pm
Epic lulz

BONO - He still hasn't found what he's looking for !!

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CANADA - April 22, 2010, 12:41 pm
if you google "bono still hasnt" this exact poster comes up multiple times
MO - April 22, 2010, 10:21 am
5 from me Musty!
agdaniele - April 22, 2010, 3:53 am

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE - between Bono and God? God doesn't walk around thinking He's Bono.


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Donkasaurus - December 9, 2010, 1:42 pm
Imagine if Mark David Chapman had decided to give peace a chance =/
petrocks11 - December 8, 2010, 10:54 pm
Imagine there's no Mark David Chapman

BONO - Maybe if he stopped spending thousands on sunglasses while telling people to give to charity, he might seem like less of a prick.

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TheSanityInspector - March 21, 2015, 10:01 am
Nope, I call foul. He's been very generous with his own zillions, & genuinely cares about things, unlike the bubble-brain spokes-celebs he's unfairly lumped in with.
Tarapin - August 21, 2011, 10:17 pm
Nope, he'd still seem like (be) a prick

Frisbeetarians -

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Reality Lord - July 20, 2013, 4:49 pm

GaryO - July 20, 2013, 8:55 am
Yes...and/or under the bus

BONO - Best Singer Ever

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Logic Man - July 15, 2009, 11:34 am
That's the homo from bird cage
Sean - June 12, 2009, 9:16 pm
Pick a fu*ck*in' lane Agnostic ... and while yer at it, look up Peter Gabriel, if that's also not TOO much trouble.
Agnostic - June 12, 2009, 8:28 pm
Thats Phil Collins!
amina - June 9, 2009, 4:17 pm
hahaha, sry i remove my previous comment
Mr. Nemo - May 22, 2009, 2:33 pm
Coke: They let him back on it for this special.
Maccadinho - April 2, 2009, 6:27 pm
No problem Amina. Not everyone likes them. You have to admit that "Sexy Boots" rocks though, right!
Erik the Viking - February 15, 2009, 1:58 pm
At what point did Bono morph with Robin Williams!?
amina - February 10, 2009, 7:48 pm
why!!!! this is so gay!!!! sry im in a bitch mood tonight >: |
tony - December 23, 2008, 3:19 pm
at what age does stand up become sit down because this looks like the preliminary or transitional stage
tony - December 23, 2008, 3:17 pm
at what age does stand up become sit down because this looks like it might be in the preliminary or transitional stage (no pun intended)
Sean - November 10, 2008, 11:07 pm
... sorta punk meets Barry Manilo ... punk then wakes up the morning after and tries to stab itself in the neck, but regretably, cannot seem, try as it might, to hit the carotid ...
Sean - November 10, 2008, 11:04 pm
Uhm, you know that U2 sucks, right?
Maccadinho - November 10, 2008, 10:57 pm
Where the Streets have no Name. Where the streets have no name. They keep building and...
Sean - November 10, 2008, 8:01 pm
Nahhhh, we're just joshin' ya. It's Dane Cook. Sorry about that. We jus luv to raz the new guy. Bye.
SherlockHolmeboy - November 10, 2008, 7:49 pm
That's Bono?
Sean - November 9, 2008, 3:33 am
Bono was great in Mrs. Doubtfire. Of course I also loved him in Death to Smoochie. As for UB40, I don't own any of their albums.
Maccadinho - November 8, 2008, 5:50 pm
I actually took this pic on my phone. I think it was "Where the Streets have no Name" *Thanks Geena for the great seats!
LogicDude - November 8, 2008, 5:32 pm
*ahem* That would be "Bono"...wouldn't want energy to think I meant Bon Scott...he might throw an angry comment at me. And they really, really hurt. Not.
LogicDude - November 8, 2008, 5:31 pm
Bon's wrap-around Fly sunglasses always crack me up. He's one of the "cool people" that even wears them at night.
Maccadinho - November 8, 2008, 5:07 pm
You just haven't seen him without his glasses.
energy - November 8, 2008, 11:55 am
what is your fucking problem, Maccadinho? these false-name tunnel bait posters fucking suck. how many of these have you made in a row? drink some drano, moron.
Craven - November 8, 2008, 10:56 am
That's robin williams you asshat.

BONO AND GELDOF - Nothing and I mean nothing happens ever without permission from these guys

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Derek Gunn - March 21, 2009, 7:18 pm
Geldof was "Pink" in the movie "The Wall"
tony - December 23, 2008, 3:20 pm
oh by the way, which one's pink?
Carl - September 8, 2008, 12:57 pm
I'm Irish and these guys tend to get a lot of stick over here. I think they do an awesome job, and Bono isn't the arse some people make him out to be. Music aside, they're good guys.
Sean - August 29, 2008, 8:18 pm
Be that as it may (or mayn't), he was very generous to Joey Ramone during Joey's final year or maybe even longer than that. Helping out with meidcal expenses and such. Not a U2 fan, but the Ramones rule.
Absoludicrous - August 29, 2008, 8:12 pm
Bono is gayer than the 7 colors of the rainbow.
Sean - July 30, 2008, 10:29 pm
Amazing lyrics (and a great video), and very funny. The whole album is great. The only other band I would compare the Rats to (Geldof wrote pretty much all the lyrics), stricly on the basis of brilliantly funny lyrics is a group called the Weakerthans.
Banjaxed - July 30, 2008, 8:09 pm
Rats were great ,,,,,,Diamond Smiles was a great tune
Sean - July 30, 2008, 6:18 pm
Amen to that about the Rats ... way too few records. And I never loved Eva Braun either.
RnR - July 30, 2008, 7:28 am
don't you think they start looking more and more like Laurel and Hardy?
Motifake Wit Liberation Front - July 30, 2008, 3:33 am
In that case, I'll hold them accountable for Legally Blonde:The Musical, Nora Roberts novels, and Disney's direct-to-video Cinderella III: Twist in Time. Also the too many albums by U2 and not enough records by the Boomtown Rats!

THE ENVIRONMENT - Way too important to be left in the hands on environmentalists...

PRO BONO - A service that ends today at the office of Benjamin J. Thompson, Esq.

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[email protected] - December 12, 2009, 10:22 pm
I want to apologize 4 only voting 2-lions/poodels, but its your fault. i was laffing so hard i couldn't breath passed out and awoketo it saying i already voted. I'm also blaming you for my pants being around me ankels and my arse bleeding.

FEED THE SCOUSERS - Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

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Royston - July 30, 2009, 6:53 pm
Scousers are people from Liverpool, England, named after a type of stew called scouse. These are stereotypical scousers who take their look from Ian Rush, a welshman who played for Liverpool FC.
Jason dinAlt - June 18, 2009, 5:53 pm
Scousers? Did you make that word up, or is it local lingo?